Finding the color in black & white photography

Looking back

Before becoming a professional photographer I honestly didn't care much for black and white photos. I thought, these photos are so blah, there's no color, emotion or feeling to them. I also thought, when recieving b&w from a photographer, "i'd much rather have the color, maybe they didnt want to edit this photo and just threw a black and white edit on it?!?" Well that couldn't be further from the truth! So now, just recently my mind has flipped a switch- I absolutely love black and whites. Something about the story and depth that is told in them make me just want to edit a ton of b&w!


As I decide today on what should I do in my two hour window of my two year old and her nap time . Should I edit, blog, email, market, advertise, quarterly taxes, or rest. Well I chose to edit, advertise and blog, a good mix, but def want to do all of it. There are so many distractions surrounding us every minute of the day. It can be all so overwhelming!! Distractions are real and they are everywhere, our phones, timers, notifications, our schedules, even in photography! Wheather it be a clutter of toys, to shadows, warmth, coolness, and well the most basic one is color. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love me a good color image, the warmth it can make you feel, and the yummy sunlight that pops through trees, and omg my faveorite the cotton candy skies that come around every once and a blue moon! You really can't go wrong. But in a b&w you dont get that distraction. What you see is what you get, the emotion, the depth, true grit, the shadows are so plainly seen. I love both if you can't tell!

Light & Dark

Shadows, they are more vivid and seen in some images that others. I also feel not every image looks better or is meant to be edited in black in white. Shadows have a lot to play in this. When you see an image with very clear whites, and very clear blacks, that is when you'll recieve a really powerful image and see in a connection between the two colors. Near the bottom of the page in the collage my son was having a temper tantrum. You can see the shadows that come into play and really pull out even more emotion, and character than in the color image next to it.

Now the image below of the lake is by far one of my favorite images. My sister teaching her daughter how to float in the water, my cousin holding my daughter in the back. The depth and darkness of the water to the ripples in each wave is simply breath taking. I am now obsessed with taking images of the lake. This one specifically was huge, at Lake Buchanan in Texas. The current was very strong, which made for this amazing photo.

Grit & Emotion

When you get a really good black and white, the words grit and emotion come into my mind. The character and strength that it pulls out of the image is so real. That's what I love to capture in my shots. Emotion. Character. Strength.

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