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The Process

This is such a huge problem today. How to get those digital photos off of your computer or phone and onto your wall, and album. You spend hundreds of dollars and time getting outfits, hair, make up and your family ready for picture day. But wait for what? Not just to take those pics right. You are getting these photos that will be a memory of that day with your loved ones. Your future, children and childrens children will be looking at these photos. Hopefully not on a facebook memory or someones computer. Surely they get printed and hung or put in a family album.

The honest truth

So in most cases this isnt what happens. I can't tell you how many of my clients, friends and family just don't get around to printing off those special photos. Honestly I'm guilty of it myself! No ones perfect. This is why photographers have a expiration date on the price sheet for your gallery. So you get it done and get those prints ordered. I've had clients ask me months later to re activate their galleries because they never downloaded them. I get it your get busy with life, netflix, and work. Hopefully not in that order.

Also here's some insight on what I do with photos i've taken, I dont just keep photos forever on my hardrives. They get deleted eventually. Download and print people. Well here's a simple solution to the rest of that problem.

I can help you with that

Let me do that for you. Yes that's right. I can totally as your photographer sit down with you after your gallery is delivered and talk about and order the prints, wall art, or canvas you want. Just recently I've had past clients order from Walmart and Wallgreens, complaining of the photo quality. Yes those two places are convienent. Mostly for your toiletries, food, and such. The best thing you can do is get high quality photos, from a professional photo lab. I got you, the lab I use is amaizng. Love the quality and selection of just about any size to choose from. Best of all it gets delivered to your doorstep. It's that simple.

What about the photos on my phone?

I ablsolutely love shutterfly for albums and calenders! I actually make a calendar every year from this company, requested from my mom for her Christmas present! She loves it! Also a super neat mobile app I have and do use from time to time is chatbooks! Super easy, affordable and quick! Can't go wrong there.

I hope this helps! I love physical proof of photos, now go put that art on paper and start your printing!


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