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Photo by Aly Willis Photography in our amazing studio we share in downtown Oak Harbor.

I wish I could just tell you that I love taking pictures, because life is so fleeting and I just want to capture it, the end. I wish, but I can't do that, I've had to do some serious thinking on this subject the past week. Seems like such an easy question. Why do I take photos? Why am I doing this as a side business? Why am I good at it? Why is photography so beautiful to me? So many questions i've had to answer. I'm usually a go with the flow kind of person. It feels right, I like it, i'm good at it, let's take a go at it right? Well pretty much, but in this jounal entry, i'm going to go in depth, tell you a little bit about my up bringing and simply let you get to know me a bit better.


Well lets start with emotions. Everyone has them, we all try to conceal them, but that never works am I right? Just like this article i'm righting, it's been pretty tough opening my self up to not just you but to MY SELF. Growing up you were told, no crying, don't act that way, get over it. Well what should've been said, was I get your sad, your angry, it's okay to have feelings? I get it, when your in it, its tough. Hey even as a mom of 2 littles, its tough when someones upset. I try my hardest to let them know it's okay we can get past this.

This shows in photos so much. It's hard, to let someone capture your emotions. This is why I love to document adventure sessions. Posed photos, are great, but there's no real emotion in them. The emotion that a single image can bring you from joy, tears, happiness, longing, and grief. The saying that goes around " a picture is worth a thousand words" well they hit that one right on the nail.

The moments I long to remember but can't because I have a horrible horrible memory. I write and journal some things from my childhood just to remember the moment. Because if I didnt write about it or take a photo, it would just be a glimpse and evenutally lost in my memory.

Looking at a photo, takes you back to that moment, the smells in the air, weather it was cool, crisp or warm out. Even the laughter you can hear in just a single photo. Our lives are fleeting my friends, taking a image, to capture the moment simply helps you remember that day, the way you felt, the love and joy you had for your little baby, because now she's growing too fast and she's definetly not a baby anymore. Oh man, now i'm getting all gushy and emotional. Let's move on. lol

Growing up

Since I was a little girl I could remember how much I loved creating art. I loved sketching animals, scenes, and sometimes people. In my down time I would grab pull out the good 'ol dictionary, me always grabbing the "C" and "D" books to sketch dogs and cats! Our kids dont even know what dictionaries are! Now a days in this era and technology, everything is on our smartphones, we've come a long way that's for sure. Maybe someday i'll head over to the thriftstore (becuase that's where all the dictionary sets are now) and buy a set of dictionaries, maybe when we have a giant house with room for a giant bookshelf. Fingers crossed!

I grew up with 5 older siblings, all very creative and very active. We played outdoors all the time, basketball, baseball, tennis, hide and seek, kickball, farming with my Dad you name it! We had our fair share of tv don't get me wrong. So when it came down to it during my childhood you would most likely find us outside, sketching, or maybe watching nickelodeon, disney channel or mtv.

My Mom & Dad

My mom was actually a sketch artist in the marines back in the 1960's, she drew maps for the military, and drafts for guns. So freaking cool! I think that's just amazing! So proud of my mom! Oh boy have we come a long way with technology since the 60's! So insane that was only 60 years ago? How is it possible we have sky rocketed with this technology!? Well that's another blog entry for another day.

My dad also loved working with his hands. He was a dedicated farmer and gardener. He loved growing all the things! One of my favorite things he harvested were watermelons, thousands and thousands of watermelons. I remember from ages 2-7 hanging out on the back of a pick up truck with a giant watermelon on my lap, for pictures. I also remeber the slices we would eat outside every summer with all of our friends and family. The semi trucks would come, park and load the thousands of watermelons up on our street, we always thought that was the most fun, getting to play with the ramps and giant cardboard holders for the watermelons. My dad also had worked on the railroad, and was a conductor and brakeman for Southern Pacific. No wonder my son loves trains and gardening so much! It's in his blood. Savannah too, they are both watermelon connoisseurs.

My Values

Inspiration - [ˌinspəˈrāSH(ə)n]NOUN the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Some things that inspire my life. Well here are my top 5 values that truely inspire my life. I try to surround my self with these things everyday if possible to live my life to the absolute fullest. My Family, My Health, Spiritual, Finances, and my Career. These are the values I hold highest. I put my family on high priority, my health, God, my finances, and career. I'm inspired by all of these things, I spend most of my time on these 5 things. If you talked to me a few years ago, relationships,(social) would be one of my high values. The thing is I don't spend time socializing as much as I used to, so it's not a high value of mine anymore. Sometimes I need help deligating my values, but at the end of the day I know it was a good one, not puttting anything on the back burner, just these top things that are most important to me, and that inspire my life.

The Current

In order for me to put energy into my photography business, I had to find out my why. Why do I want to be a photographer? Not just "why am I into photography". I work part time so my family and I can be comfortable, to be my own boss, to be creative, so we can save up for that dream house of ours, with that amazing front porch, and acreage, and to go on fun family vacations! So here I am going on almost two years in my photography career . I'm loving it seriously! My photography business has it's down days, and up days. Always keeping me on my toes just like my two toddlers. I've loved almost every aspect of photography, still finding my top niche, I photograph just about everything from maternity, birth, babies, family, weddings, events, and pets! I've been told on more than one occasion, that i'm a jack of all trades in life, and it seems like that name is following me into my photography career. Not much has changed now, besides me sketching, I traded that for photography. Maybe someday we'll move out in the country with some acreage on a farm. I would absolutly love that as well. I guarantee you though, i'll always have my camera in hand. If not now taking photos of my kiddos, but of the gorgeous cotton candy sunsets at the beach. I get my love for creating, growing, and nature, from my parents, my childhood. It's in my blood to create, and to be out in nature. I love what I do, and it feels so right.

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